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Diesel’s new campaign wants you to celebrate your flaws

Time to Go With the Flaw

From a young age we’re taught that perfection is everything. If you’ve got a monobrow, pluck it. Pin back your ears, get your nose slimmed down and laser off those scars. However, while we’ve been trying to get our hair and teeth straight, the only thing Diesel wants to set straight is the record. In an industry obsessed with perfection, its AW17 campaign – entitled Go With The Flaw – celebrates exactly the opposite, right down to the holes in its jeans.

The campaign conveys a bold sense of individuality and youth, captured by South London-based photographer Tom Sloan and under the artistic leadership of Diesel’s creative director Nicola Formichetti. “Being unique is much more beautiful than being perfect,” the designer and stylist explained. “Change the way you look at things so even the bad becomes positive, overcoming obstacles and fears. You’ll have the best life possible.” The accompanying video – directed by François Rousselet – seems to illustrate just that and sees a possé of models living their best lives in Kiev.

In addition to the campaign there is also a collaboration with Chinese musician Chris Lee. The capsule collection – that also features within the campaign images – follows the success of its see-now-buy-now line with Hong Kong singer William Chan Wai-ting. Featuring classic reworked denim styles and soft leather jackets, the items are only available in limited edition.

Following the release of this latest campaign, posters appeared in New York with quotes from Jim Carey’s rage against the machine included with the overall message to Go With the Flaw. With previous campaigns advertised on Pornhub, who knows who might end up on Diesel’s next billboard.

Watch the full campaign film below.