Jim Carrey gives sad, existential Fashion Week interview

“There’s no meaning to any of this.”

Jim Carrey is not OK. A day after getting really deep on stage in New York while in conversation with Michael Moore (soundbite: “We’re all so afraid of the river of tears...I’ve gone through it and I’m telling you, you don’t survive”) the actor showed up on the red carpet at New York Fashion Week to deliver more stark, bleak truths about humanity’s place in an uncaring universe.

Asked by an E! News reporter how he was doing at the Harper’s Bazaar Icons party, which happened on Friday night, Carrey’s response seemed normal at first: “I’m doing just fine, you know,” he began. But then, things got weird: “There’s no meaning to any of this.” “Hmm?” says the interviewer’s face, as Carrey elaborates that he wanted to attend the “most meaningless thing that (he) could come to. I mean, you’ve got to admit it’s completely meaningless,” he deadpans.

That ain’t all – he disagrees with the party’s theme of celebrating icons, and also, you know, whether humans actually exist (“I believe we’re a field of energy...and uh, I don’t care.”). Not even a compliment on his fancy (Tom Ford?) suit will cheer him. “I didn’t get dressed up,” he says, “there is no me.” And finally: “It’s not our world. We don’t matter.” Truman Show much?

But although the video is initially funny, in a ‘here’s a man with absolutely zero fucks left to give’ sense, it’s also pretty sad. Carrey has been open about major struggles with depression for years, and in 2015 lost his ex-girlfriend Cathriona White to suicide (so the reporter’s seemingly harmless “Do you need a date to the party?” opener might have touched a nerve). In 2018 he will face trial over White’s death, with her parents alleging he provided the drugs that she overdosed on.

So, it’s safe to say he’s probably going through a pretty tough time right now. Jim – we hope you get through this. As you said before: “Life is too beautiful.”

If you are struggling with depression or thoughts of suicide, you can call Samaritans 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on 116 123 in the UK or the Lifeline on 1-800-273-8255 in the USA.