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Gucci SS18 campaignIllustration Ignasi Monreal

Mermaids, Snow White and Ophelia: Gucci debuts its SS18 campaign

The fully illustrated series – entitled ‘Utopian Fantasy’ – was created by Spanish illustrator Ignasi Monreal

Over 2017, Gucci’s campaigns have taken us on a journey into outer space with a group of very chic aliens, back in time to get funky with some Northern Soul dancers and to the streets of Harlem to hang out with Dapper Dan. While you might think that would cover all bases, the Italian house has released its SS18 campaign that takes us on a mythical exploration of a ‘Utopian Fantasy’ created by Spanish illustrator Ignasi Monreal.

That’s right. This newest campaign has gone sans-photography and instead features images by Monreal. With no limits to the fantasy that can be created with illustrations, the images take us on a journey through the three elements earth, sea and sky. One minute you’ll be submerged in the sea with sheer dresses that end in mermaid tails and the next floating above the clouds. 

While Monreal previously looked to Greek mythology for Gucci’s gifting campaign, this time there are some famous artworks that you might recognise like Van Eyck’s “Arnolfini Portrait”, Bosch’s “Garden of Earthly Delights” or the instantly recognisable “Ophelia” by John Everett Millais. There’s also the meta Snow White moment – featuring a slumbering model with the Disney version of the princess emblazoned on their sweater. 

In addition to the campaign, Monreal has also starred in a campaign video that you can watch below.