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So, Drake is collecting Birkin bags for his future wife

Pick me! Pick me!

Everyone has a guilty pleasure. Something we do or purchase away from the judgemental eyes of others. What’s Drake’s? Birkin bags. In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporterthe rapper revealed that he has been collecting the bags for years, as a gift for the woman he ends up with. Yeah, we totally have been doing the same. 

If you don’t speak Birkin, the Hermès bags are seen as the height of luxury. Inspired and named after singer and style icon Jane Birkin, they are handmade in leather and can take up to 18 hours to create – the artisan creators of the bags have to train for six years to learn to make them. Victoria Beckham – who reportedly has over 100 different styles – was bought an albino crocodile version costing £80,000, but the most expensive version has sold for nearly £300,000. It is unknown yet what kinds of Birkin the “Gyalchester” rapper has bought.

It's peak @StuffDrakeDoes too: the parody Twitter account that takes the piss out of the permanently broken-hearted rapper.

While Drake was reluctant to say whether or not he had found somebody to inherit the collection of bags, we are happy to be considered. If we have learnt anything thoguh, it is that he can probably be found hanging out at his local Hermès store.