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I’m not sure how I feel about this street style dog

Could she be America’s Next Top Dog-el?

Ladies, gents, and those who do not subscribe to the gender binary, there is a new influencer making the rounds at fashion week this season.

She's got those Gucci shades, a Prada dress, hell, she’s even been seen in that red Saint Laurent couture heart cape that Rihanna wore. And then there’s the crowd she runs with – a recent picture shows her cosying up to Anna Dello Russo.

The only catch? She's a dog. No, not like that – she is literally an animal. Called Little Lola Sunshine, and bolstered by an Instagram following of over 20,000, she even has her own hashtag: #StreetStyleDog.

I have questions. Where did she come from? Whose idea was this? Is it ethical to put clip-on earrings on a dog? (Not a question I ever thought I would be texting my vegan ex). And finally: am I so jaded and cynical that I can't even find joy in this tiny animal wearing miniature couture looks? Listen, it's the last day of fashion month, so cut me some slack. Lola is a certified therapy dog, so maybe I should swap my regular appointments with the calm-voiced trained professional I currently see and try and book in a slot with a Yorkshire Terrier in one of those YSL puffball dresses.

Obviously, Lola seems to make a lot of people very happy, and I'm not trying to detract from that. I’m sure her owner would insist that she loves her wardrobe and even lays a sole paw on a garment each bright morning to relay her sartorial choices. Fashion month is just a time where the sublime (like the Comme show, which made me weep) meets the ridiculous (a crowd of people around a tiny dog in a Chanel suit.)

It's a shame she skipped London. It would have been interesting to see what the anti-fur protestors made of it all.