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Kylie Jenner has apparently ripped off another brand

And it says it has the receipts to prove it

Does a day go by without some form of news relating to the Kardashians or Jenners? The latest comes via PLUGGEDNYC, an independent, black-owned company whose founder claims that Kylie Jenner ordered its clothing before ripping off its designs. After the reality star recently announced her new line of camo pieces, the company’s team noticed an uncanny resemblance between their designs. While some might just put it down to coincidence, they say otherwise. And they have receipts to prove it’s not just a coincidence. 

Liaisons between the brand and Kylie’s team show that she had bought their clothing prior to announcing her own collection. Emails read that “Kylie is loving these tops” and is “So happy to be connected” with them. To be fair to KJ, it doesn’t appear that they are talking about the colourful camo items.

Taking to Instagram, the brand's CEO Tizita Balemlay commented that “I sure as hell brought (camo) back to life and pushed the two piece camo movement. I can’t remember one brand that sold matching camo two pieces that weren’t generic tees with cargo for ladies before my brand, unless it was custom. But hey… money is power.” Many on social media have also accused the star of cultural appropriation, claiming the camo bikinis were mimicking outfits worn by Destiny’s Child in their Survivor video. 

PLUGGEDNYC has already received a lot of support from fellow customers encouraging them to sue. Julie Zerbo from The Fashion Law had the following verdict: “while copyright law in the US does, in fact, protect camouflage prints, they must be original in order to be subject to protection.”

She goes on to say, “with that in mind, it's unclear that PluggedNYC has a cause of action. It will be interesting to see if the Kardashian/Jenner threatens legal action against Plugged for defamation in connection with her social media campaign, as they have done in the past.”