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“If I was invited to an Easter egg hunt at a leather bar, I’d have just the thing.” Chris Benz’s Comme des Garçons hat, $525 in 2013 (worn once)Courtesy of Rizzoli

A new book pays tribute to our regrettable fashion purchases

TFW you spend $500 on a Comme baseball cap with giant rabbit ears

We all have those things in our wardrobes that we desperately try to avoid. You know, the too-tight on sale designer trousers you were sure you could use as motivation, or the clothes that if time travel were possible, you’d go back and un-purchase. If this isn’t ringing any bells, you’re either lying or still wearing something you probably should have abandoned by now.

To celebrate these mishaps, Rizzoli has published the hilarious I Actually Wore This: Clothes We Can’t Believe We Bought, to celebrate the best of the worst.

Written by Tom Coleman and photographed by Jerome Jakubiec, the book covers it all – from a Comme des Garçons baseball cap with bunny ears to a yeti suit (yes, really). “I Actually Wore This embraces those cringe-inducing garments, those items that will forever cause you to mutter, ‘What was I thinking?’ when you see them hanging in your closet,” says Coleman in the introduction. So you can take comfort in the knowledge that you aren’t alone – even the most fashionable among us make missteps. 

Don’t wallow in self-pity, join the bad taste club. At least you’ll sleep better tonight knowing somebody has worst dressed skeletons in their closet than you do.