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vetememes meme jacket
Vetememes meme definition raincoatvia

Fashion's meme war rages on with new Vetememes raincoat

The back-and-forth between the label and parody brand just keeps going with the ‘Official Fake’ coat

It’s undeniable – we live in a world where memes rule supreme. Endlessly filling up our social media feeds with somehow ever more relatable captioned photos or gifs, the idea originally coined by Richard Dawkins way back in the pre-internet days of 1976 has gained a whole new life of its own, reaching into every aspect of our lives – including fashion. Though most obvious in the recent Gucci meme ads for their new line of watches, this new knock-off Vetements raincoat from Vetememes is a reminder that, if anyone is the outfitter of the generation meme aesthetic, it’s Vetements – and, fittingly, the countless copycat brands that have appeared since.

An update of Vetements’ retaliation raincoat (inspired by this hoodie) sold at its “official fake” garage sale in Seoul last October, the new design is the latest playful twist on a fashion meme trolling game started when Vetememes first made their own (just as popular, just look at street snaps from fashion month for proof) version of Vetements’ remake of the iconic Comme des Garçons staff jacket. Still with us? Yeah, it’s convoluted, but that’s just a testament to how Vetements and brands like Vetememes are physical manifestations of the original theory of “an idea, behaviour, or style that spreads from person to person within a culture” writ large post-internet. 

Turning the cycles of reproduction inherent to fashion into an aspirational aesthetic dripping with irony for our generation, Vetements’ and Vetememes’ back-and-forth is a heightened reflection of how we live life in 2017 (with memes, memes everywhere). Pre-order your meme definition raincoat for $89 here, to be in on the trolling too.