A window into the weird world of Agent Provocateur in 1994

With ex-staffers recalling stories of Soho’s customers and assorted perverts, watch Denna Cartamkhoob’s new film ‘Rising from the Gusset’ here

Soho today isn’t exactly what it used to be – thanks to redevelopers, the area’s red light reputation lives mostly in the imagination of those who used to live and work there. One such group is the staff of Agent Provocateur’s Broadwick Street outpost – the first store opened by founder (and son of Vivienne Westwood) Joe Corré. In a new film, Rising from the Gusset, director and ex-AP staffer Denna Cartamkhoob captures the ‘girl gang’ of staff of the store she used to work in in the early 1990s. Discussing customers (“Do you remember the guy that came with the dildo?”), anonymous phone-callers and the bond they all shared, it’s a funny, insightful look inside the world of the women in the famous pink dresses. Head here for a Q&A with Cartamkhoob about making the film.

Watch a 12 minute cut above or see the full version here.