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The meaning behind Raf’s white Calvin Klein bandana invites

The accessory has become a symbol for the industry to rally against intolerance and division

Cropping up in street style photos, on models at Tommy Hilfiger’s show the other night – and now, as part of the invitation for Raf Simons’ highly-anticipated debut show for Calvin Klein – if you’re wondering why you’re seeing white bandanas everywhere already this season, there’s a good reason.

The campaign (called #tiedtogether) has been started by the Business of Fashion as a reaction to the current climate of hate that seems to be dominating world politics right now. Wearing a white bandana is an outward sign that we are all connected, however much those in power want to separate us through our differences. Amongst criticism that fashion figures have remained largely silent about current events, BoF founder Imran Amed decided to create a way to make a statement of “solidarity, human unity and inclusiveness,” in an industry where, he writes in the accompanying editor’s letter, “visuals often speak louder than words.” 

It’s not just for the industry insiders though. While the site details ways designers, photographers, models and editors will be getting involved by incorporating the bandana into their collections, sporting it between shows and taking photos of those doing the same, it also emphasises the way that everyone can get involved by wearing the trend themselves – even giving some helpful styling suggestions.

So, if you believe in “the common bonds of humankind, regardless of race, sexuality, gender or religion,” it’s time to dig out your old 90s staple – or even buy a new one. But remember, it’s always better to do something more than symbolic too – you can register your support at the official site here, and consider supporting the ACLU and UNHCR, causes that BoF highlights in their address. 

So what are you waiting for? I mean, if it’s a cause close to Raf, it’s close to us too.