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AW17 menswear London Pitti Milan Paris Street Style Yu Fuji
AW17 menswearPhotography Yu Fujiwara

The sights and styles of men’s fashion week

Street style photography with a different – photographer Yu Fujiwara reports back from fashion’s frontline

Let’s be honest, fashion week can involve a lot of peacocking. While this can, at times, be slightly nauseating, London-based photographer Yu Fujiwara has a knack for showing a different side to the shows and those who attend them. By shooting his subjects when they’re unaware he’s doing so, Fujiwara captures their personality and yes, their style, in a perhaps more authentic way. He also manages to find beauty in unexpected places – such as shop windows, torn up posters and the evening sun casting long, Hopper-like shadows on the ground. Head to the gallery above to see the AW17 menwear shows through his lens – expect appearances from legends like Rei Kawakubo and Hypebeast kids such as Daniel Pacitti and Leo Mandella aka Gully Guy Leo, along with more reportage from fashion’s frontline in London, Pitti, Milan and Paris.