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Cottweiler AW17 LFWM Menswear Dazed
Backstage at Cottweiler AW17Photography Anabel Navarro Llorens

Go BTS at Cottweiler’s dystopian camping trip show

A new film takes you backstage at the London menswear duo’s AW17 outing

Cottweiler have been busy. First, they followed up their dystopian camping trip at LFWM with a similarly subverted spa presentation with Reebok, and now founders Matthew Dainty and Ben Cottrell have released a new film that takes a closer look at their AW17 collection.

Although superficially the clothes seem the perfect uniform for the “classic outdoor pursuits” that were a point of reference, it’s clear that for Cottweiler a retreat to nature is not as it seems. “Camping in a shopping centre, basically,” is what Matthew Dainty described the collection’s reference as backstage, with the duo citing the fake greenery often found in such environments as a key inspiration. Synthetic materials shredded to create fur-like textures and neon bright torches worn as pendants or strapped to heads form the protective wear of the Cottweiler man, navigating this new urban wilderness. 

Art directed by the pair themselves and lensed by young director Kaj Jefferies, the short is soundtracked with a synthy track by SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL.

Watch the video below and look through the gallery above to see more of Cottweiler's AW17 collection.