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Watch Hari Nef star in L’Oreal’s new advert

Because she’s worth it

In the space of a few short years, Hari Nef has gone from a trans Tumblr icon to a fully-fledged activist (remaining outspoken on trans rights), actress (starring in Amazon’s Emmy award-winning TV show Transparent) and model (hitting the catwalk for the likes of Gucci). And now she’s a face of L’Oreal.

Unveiled yesterday, Nef stars in a new advert for the cosmetics company’s ‘True Match’ campaign which promotes the 33 shades of foundation it has to offer.

“I grew up in Newton, Massachusetts,” she says, introducing herself. “I’m Eastern European – I think I might be a little paler than my family, I came out really pale. Skin is the first thing you see. Just being seen in your skin can be so vunerable.”

Nef stars in this ad alongside a diverse cast that includes Chinese beauty Xiao Wen Ju, plus-size model Sabina Karlsson and Hollywood actress Blake Lively. It also features a man – stage/film actor Darnell Bernard who shows that achieving beautiful skin through means of make-up is not just for women.

Watch Hari Nef’s advert for L’Oreal below: