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Jiwon Jahng (London)

Not Just a Label

NJAL launches its online store with a featured fashion insider selecting the cream of the crop on a monthly rotation.

Over the last year, NOT JUST A LABEL has proved to be a trusted venue for discovering new design talent. This month, it’s taking its mission even further, with the opening of an online shop, which promises to completely revolutionise our way of viewing retail.

“Having done extensive market research, we’re convinced that today’s consumer is on the hunt for unique and one-off designer garments” says NJAL’s founder Stefan Siegel. “Whilst some designs are generally not considered commercially viable, we believe that it’s the “unique” pieces that prove your true design aesthetic and talent. We aim to offer these one-offs via a new concept in online shopping: THE SHOP.”

Teaming up with Vienna’s Unit F in June, THE SHOP gives each month’s curatorial duties to a different fashion insider. This month’s selection was picked by Robin Schulie, head buyer for Paris’s Maria Luisa store, and the July’s stock will be sifted through by fashion blogger Diane Pernet. A unique chance to purchase rare, off-the-wall pieces, June’s offer includes established names such as Tomosz Donocik and Ute Ploier, as well as clothing and jewellery from newcomers Serguei Povaguin, Rene Gurskov, Neurotica, Kisa and recent CSM grad Pia Stanchina.

THE SHOP will launch on the 28th day in May together with the 9 festival for fashion & photography in Vienna, initiated and organized by Unit F büro für mode.