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Photography Danny Lowe models new faces London Expression
Photography Danny Lowe

Capturing the fresh faces of London’s modelling scene

Photographer Danny Lowe presents a series of portraits of up-and-coming models

In the buzzing metropolis that is London Town, people are always busy – and that’s exactly why Yorkshire-born photographer Danny Lowe wanted to take a little more time with his latest series, titled Expression. “My inspiration behind this project was to understand and capture people’s personalities,” he explains. “In London hardly anyone has time for you, so I thought it was important to go back to basics.”

Bringing together 23 black and white portraits, the series features a diverse group of models from a variety of different backgrounds (and modelling agencies). In fact it’s their diversity that unites them, and the fact that they’re all new to the modelling game. Up close and personal, these photos reveal a lot more than the models’ striking features and flawless skin – you really do get a sense of their personalities.