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Pigalle Yu Fujiwara
Photography Yu Fujiwara

Capturing the community around Pigalle’s basketball court

Yu Fujiwara visits the Parisian basketball court and shoots those who play there

Pigalle is a neighbourhood in Paris, but it’s also one of the city’s most exciting brands. The two are not unrelated, however – the label’s founder and designer, Stéphane Ashpool is a resident and cites the area as inspiration behind his designs.

In fact, he built this particular court (which sits adjacent to his store on Rue Henry Monnier) in collaboration with Nike in 2009 and, for his SS16 show, enlisted the teenage boys in the team he coaches to model. “Basketball is a stylish sport: you have a headband, a wristband and all these elements,” said Ashpool in a Dazed interview. “But also, not just the professional looks: how you see it worn on the playground is amazing.”

His brand, which proposes a more sensual take on sportswear, reflects this style but also represents a community in Paris who are united by fashion, music and nightlife – in a similar way to Shayne Oliver’s Hood By Air, with its ties to New York’s underground creative scene.

During Paris Fashion Week last month, photographer Yu Fujiwara took a break from the shows and the circus around them and headed to the Pigalle basketball court, where he photographed a game and those spectating it. In these images, you get a real sense of the spirit and style of Pigalle – both the neighbourhood and the brand.

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