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Reebok Classics Vicky Grout Anais Gallagher
Anaïs Gallagher for Reebok Classics AW16Photography Vicky Grout

Grime photographer Vicky Grout teams up with Reebok

Grout shoots Noel Gallagher’s daughter Anaïs in a re-release of the brand’s 90s Vector collection

When it comes to documenting grime, Vicky Grout is one of – if not the – scene’s most crucial photographic voices. Just days after her first solo exhibition was staged at the Hoxton Gallery in London, a new campaign she’s shot for Reebok Classics has been unveiled.

To star in the ad, the brand selected Anaïs Gallagher, the model and daughter of Oasis frontman Noel Gallagher. “We shot in the East London against a brutalist and urban backdrop,” Grout says, “I felt like the shoot had to be in an urban setting.”

The collection itself is a re-release of the brand’s 90s Vector range and comes at a time when 90s sportswear and 00s British music (namely, grime) are experiencing a resurgence in popularity. 

“Some brands go quiet and over the past few year Reebok Classic is coming back big!” says Grout of this phenomenon. “With super fans like of Skepta and Jonny Banger hyping the brand up, they all have a sense of national pride and want to support British brands.”

As well as Gallagher shot by Grout, this campaign also features actor Raleigh Ritchie shot by Jon Attenborough, who is known for his roles as Omen in Adulthood and Grey Worm in Game of Thrones. Head to the gallery above to see the images.