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Rowan Blanchard’s Miu Miu Snapchat takeover
@rowanblanchard for #girlinmiumiu

Why you need to follow Miu Miu on Instagram this weekend

Rowan Blanchard is taking over the brand’s account

From now until Sunday, actress Rowan Blanchard is taking over Miu Miu’s Instagram account. Blanchard first found fame on the Disney Channel series Girl Meets World, but now she’s as known as much for her acting as she is for her insightful and wise-beyond-her-14-years commentary on everything from intersectional feminism to #BlackLivesMatter. Like her friends Tavi Gevinson and Amandla Stenberg, she’s part of a new generation of young women in the public eye – informed, intelligent and politicised. 

Fittingly, Blanchard’s Instagram takeover will include images captioned with pearls of her wisdom. “To me, being a girl first and foremost means embracing a form of sisterhood and looking at how I can grow alongside other girls and help other girls, or anyone who might identify with that label,” reads one. “It’s important to have the support of others to fall back on, especially in a world that is not made for us, to know that I have all these other people that I can look to when sometimes it might feel like the world is against me.”

However this isn’t the first relationship Blanchard has formed with a fashion house – recently, she’s set to star in a new short film for Kenzo, directed by Portlandia’s Carrie Brownstein, alongside Kim Gordon, Laura Harrier, Mahershala Ali and Natasha Lyonne. Head here to watch the trailer.

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