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Erykah Badu
Erykah Baduvia

Erykah Badu says schoolgirls should wear longer skirts

...and sparks a Twitter debate in the process – but what do you think?

The last few years have seen discussions around slut-shaming and victim-blaming come to the fore, with modern feminists asserting that women should have the freedom to wear what they want and not be held responsible for any sexual harassment or assault they may be subjected to. Yesterday, singer-songwriter Erykah Badu has weighed in on this debate – tweeting in response to an article on a New Zealand high school that is making girls wear longer skirts so as not to “distract” the male teachers, the “On & On” singer’s says she agrees with the policy and gives an 11-tweet explanation why. 

Her argument, which you can read in full below, goes something like this: we live in a society that sexualises young women’s bodies; it is natural for men, including male teachers) to find young women attractive; to protect young women from men, we need to make them aware fo this and they need to wear less revealing clothing to make it easier for men. As The Cut noted, it’s the “don’t tempt the boys argument”.

Naturally, this sparked a Twitter debate. Some people were sympathetic to Badu’s views, while others suggested that they border on victim-blaming. “Asking girls to be aware of how human sexuality works is not clamping their style. They must know what is provocative behaviour,” wrote one user. “Erykah Badu perpetuating rape culture by saying girls should cover up to prevent male distraction is making me want to regurgitate,” wrote another.

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