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tschan andrews
Tschan Andrewsvia Hunger

Help the trans model disowned by her family

London-born Tschan Andrews may have worked with Juergen Teller and David Bailey, but she needs your support right now

Tschan Andrews is a 23-year old transgender model who has worked with Juergen Teller, Nick Knight and appeared in a Dazed-commissioned film celebrating the work and life of Jean Paul Gaultier. But the London-born woman urgently needs your help.

GoFundMe page set up by a friend of Andrews’ tells the sad story of the model’s ostracision from her family, the discrimination that she’s suffered at the hands of those closest to her and the belongings that have been discarded, all because she is trans.

"Last week I received an email from what you would call my "mother" stating that I had an important letter I should come to collect.  I didn’t reply for a week because I’ve chosen to leave that part of my life behind. I ended up responding and letting her know that I would collect it today and was told once I do I should "leave the keys I have at her home". When I arrived, I saw my older sibling and he handed me my opened tax return letters and said "here you go". I then proceeded to go upstairs to my former room to also collect my documents (school qualifications, published magazines I've been in, awards I've received, photos, university work and a lot of visual artwork, doctors notes and letters from the gender clinic, important things pertaining to that nature and gather some of my winter jackets that I had to leave) only to find every single last trace of my existence had been absolutely removed, fumigated from the property. I turned around to simply asked my "brother" where my stuff is and he replied with an ajar smile ‘There is nothing here for you. All your stuff is gone.’"

The crowdfunding page, reportedly set up without Andrews’ knowledge, wants contributions to help cover the costs of the property thrown away by her family, support her trans activism and help her get to New York, the city she dreams of moving to.