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Ali Michael: queen of the internet

Creaming zits, awkward #tbts and being a goth at the beach: we quiz everybody’s online best friend about what she gets up to behind the screen

2015 will go down as the year that fashion decided to swap out its obsession with uniformity in favour of a new breed of eccentric – models who are as likely to take a photo of their interestingly-shaped leg bruise as their #eatclean breakfasts. Model Ali Michael is the original and the best – firing on all fronts, her Twitter and Instagram are home to endearingly weird snapshots of the more mundane aspects of daily life in your twenties. In true millennial style, she even vlogs (you can see an early clip of Ali, during her phase as a young goth, below). 

Michael's upfront internet personality has won her legions of fans – she has over 169K followers on Instagram – who log on each day to see what she's doing (“tanning” in all-black on the beach, poking a hole through her sock, spitting all over her best friend), eating (pizza, ice cream, patrotic mouthguards) and thinking (last month, on Twitter: “So nice tonight but both my friends are busy so I've exhausted all my alternatives to staying in”). After Lorenzo Vitturi shot Michael in the season's most eye-poppingly weird accessories for Dazed's autumn/winter issue, we gave the model a quick fire pop quiz about her daily habits, online and off.

Did you ever use MSN messenger back in the day? What was your screen name? 

Ali Michael: I used AOL. My first screen name was HrseLover5 and my second was xXSweetMizeryXx

What's your opinion on Instagram's nudity policy?

Ali Michael: I think it's fine. If a social media platform chooses not to host photos with nudity, that is its right. If you don't like it then use a different social media platform.

You wear quite a lot of  black. Why is that? Did you ever wear crazy colours when you were younger?

Ali Michael: I just like it. When I was in elementary school I would wear lime green spandex shorts under baggy boys jeans with Bugs Bunny (I've realized now those were an Iceberg knock off sold in the Walmart children's clothing section) and a hot pink tank top. I think things got darker in middle school. My favorite thing in the world after about age nine was dressing up like a goth and being depressed but I wasn't allowed to actually leave the house like that unless it was Hallloween. But there is a video of me explaining that “The color of my clothes, black, resembles my life: dark and meaningless.” 

What's the weirdest thing you ever bought off the internet?

Ali Michael: I was a victim for Halloween last year so I bought an IV stand, IV bags and hospital gowns on Amazon. Ever since then my suggested items list has been very morbid and medical.

On that note, do you have an Amazon wishlist? 

Ali Michael: “Sexy Lara Croft Holster Belt Buckle” is in my “Saved for Later” section.

Amazing. Could you take a screenshot of your emoji keyboard?

Could you link to the WikiHow article that you think best sums up your personality? 

Ali Michael: “Be Best Friends with your Pet Rock

What's your most-used phrase, do you think?

Ali Michael: “What are you thinking about?”

Favourite snack food? 

Ali Michael: Crispy M&Ms.

What's your favourite mode of transportation?

Ali Michael: Walk in New York, bus in London, Uber when I am lazy, not move at all in winter.

And did you ever see a complete stranger on public transport who really stuck in your mind for whatever reason? 

Ali Michael: There have been a ton. I get emotional and tear up sometimes when I'm in the subway because it's [the] one place without phone service or distractions, so you're more available to look around and take in your surroundings. I really see all the individuals on the train and how special they are. I also probably do this to distract myself from my fear of being stuck underground. 

If you could live anywhere else other than America, where would you live?

Ali Michael: London! 

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