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BLADE gif Paris SS16
BLADE RUNNER: Tech noir classic with plastic and dystopian android fabrics. Louis Vuitton, Maison Margiela, Loewe.Illustration Paul Wagenblast

Go on a glitchy trip through the best of Paris fashion

Blade Runner, the occult and pixellated PCs – as Fashion Week draws to a close, we deconstruct the most unexpected references from the standout city

You probably spotted Rei’s red-haired witches – but did you see hints of the occult in Saint Laurent? They’re there, hiding in plain sight – and digital artist Paul Wagenblast is here to show us the way through the season’s most unexpected references in flashcard form. Putting together the most exciting references of Paris SS16 into these GIFs, he pulls out the connections between Chanel’s vacation dreams and Céline’s escape from the city, Maison Margiela’s plastic-wrapped androgynous models and Louis Vuitton’s portrait of a digital future. Click through the gallery above to see Paris’s collections get GIF-ed up.