What does Mia Goth do when she's home alone?

Submerge yourself in suburbia's dark side with Ben Toms' exclusive fashion film of the Miu Miu girl and Dazed cover star

With an extreme turn in Nymphomaniac behind her and an upcoming role in apocalyptic thriller The Survivalist, Mia Goth doesn't look like she'll be twiddling her thumbs anytime soon. But when Dazed's autumn/winter cover story gets the home video treatment courtesy of Ben Toms, the actress is plunged into a far more sinister locale: the suburban home, complete with outdoor pool, chintz furnishings and vacuum cleaner. Styled by Robbie Spencer, Miu Miu's sugary sweet AW15 collection provides the perfect counterpoint to this bored housewife's subversive side – and when all the chores are done, there's even time for a bubble bath.