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The mad world of George Heaven
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Preview cult illustrator George Heavens’ first zine

Heavens talks to us about how drawing skulls and boobs turned from pasttime to profession

Converse has a knack for spotting emerging talents to collaborate with. One of whom is 24-year-old illustrator George Heaven, who participated in their Made By You project which asksed people to share stories of how they customised their Chuck Taylors. Now, with Converse’s support, Heaven is launching his press label, kicking it off with his debut publication – a zine titled “Strange World”. Brimming creative talent and with a devout Instagram fanbase, Heaven tells us about this zine, his entry into illustration and how he ended up working with Converse.

Tell us a bit more about this zine.

Strange World Vol.1 is the first publication put out by my small press label Strange World Press. It’s a collection of illustrated poems based on funny ideas and situations. To me, it's only the first stage in what I am hoping will become a much larger project. I plan on getting a lot more artists involved and producing a variety of different products and publications.

How did you start illustrating – was it something you’ve always wanted to do?

I never really knew it was something I wanted to do full time until fairly recently, but when I think back I guess I was always drawing as a kid and at school enjoyed art class and stuff. I did a foundation in art and design and I ended up doing a degree in Illustration almost by accident. I have just had my first solo exhibition and feel like things are moving in the right direction.

“It might seem like a dumb idea to spend all your time drawing skulls and boobs but if you love it, do it” – George Heavens

You have quite an old-school approach to illustration – what do you think of the current boom in computer animation?

I think it's an important thing to understand if you're going into the creative industry to make a living, but I think making actual physical drawings is still really important. You want to get an idea down quickly? Draw it. No computer will ever been quicker than having a thought and instantly scribbling it down.

What’s relationship with social media like?

I love Instagram, I think it's one of the best tools not just for getting your work seen but also for discovering other like-minded artists from all over the world. I have used social media to get involved with lot's of different projects with some cool people and would highly recommend it to anyone! 

Do you have any tips for aspiring illustrators? 

Do what you love and keep on doing it. It might seem like a dumb idea to spend all your time drawing skulls and boobs but if you love it, do it. If it makes you happy just keep it up! Get a part time job cos it's not gonna pay straight away but I guess if you stick at it something long enough it's bound to happen. I still work a part time job and I really appreciate the structure is brings but I can't wait until I'm making a living on illustration alone!