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Liam Hodges backstage at MAN SS16Photography Daisy Walker

When pirate-radio poetry graced the catwalk

Listen to Visionist’s collaboration with spoken word artist Hector Aponysus for Liam Hodges’ SS16 show, exclusively on Dazed

"Screaming at parties 'that’s not me, that’s us'" spits Hector Aponysus over Visionist’s corrosive synth pads, channelling – in one simple sentence – the togetherness and spirit of pirate radio. Brixton-born producer Visionist and poet Aponysus hooked up to work together on the soundtrack for Liam Hodges’ SS16 show, with Aponysus even storming the stage to deliver a monologue about the future of society.

The trio teamed up with a vision – to celebrate a subculture that inspires them; in this case pirate radio. "Liam came to me with the subject of pirate radio and wanted tracks that referenced that period," says Visionist. "I looked into the innovative nature of pirate radio and what it created within its communities. It was a time of people doing their own thing with no need to conform, no rules and no restrictions. Liam also works with this approach."

Hodges only met Aponysus a few days before the show, bringing him along to casting to get a feel for the collection and to explain what inspires him. The designer says that what Aponysus produced "blew me away, beyond what I had expected".

The team has given Dazed the exclusive pirate radio-inspired calls to arms that soundtracked Liam Hodges’s SS16 show. Check out Visionist’s sprawling take on jungle, grime and ambient below.