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Is In Town magazine
Kiki Willems for Is In Town issue twoPhotography Martin Zahringer, styling Adam Winder

Getting up close with fashion’s new models

Is In Town is the mag showing that this season’s it girls are more than just pretty faces

Taking its name from the fashion industry slang for when a model is in a city for castings, shoots and go-sees, Is In Town is the magazine sticking two fingers up at the stereotype that says models are just pretty faces. Offering conversational Q&As with girls that are defining the season – like Saint Laurent muse Kiki Willems and Marc Jacobs AW15 campaign girl Aamito Lagum – the mag is the brainchild of photographer Martin Zähringer and casting director Ben Grimes. Originally existing online before moving into print, its now into its just-released second issue. “I hope that the magazine is new and unique in that it only features the most interesting new faces and treats them as a collaborator, someone with a story to tell,” Zähringer explains. “We really try and find out who this person is, what makes them who they are and for that to somehow inform the pictures – the shoots and the stories are equal in that sense. It’s mainly about the girls.”

Is In Town is available from locations including Colette, The Photographer’s Gallery and Claire De Rouen – where you can find the limited edition cover featuring Aamito Lagum.