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Tilda Lindstam for Juicy Couture
All clothes and accessories by Juicy Couture Summer 2015Photography Brianna Capozzi, styling Emma Wyman

This model has the funniest Instagram in fashion

From getting papped on a Tinder date with Derek Zoolander to cropping herself into a taco, Tilda Lindstam is set on not taking fashion too seriously

Taken from the summer 2015 issue of Dazed:

Backstage snaps, duckface selfies, #yogabunny warrior poses: most models’ Instagram feeds are all the same. Most models, that is, except Tilda Lindstam. The 22-year-old Swede is more likely to be found posting paparazzi pics of herself hanging with Derek Zoolander in Paris (caption: “When you’re on a Tinder date in the park and the papz won’t leave you alone”) or crudely Photoshopping herself into a taco than she is hitting the runway.

With a #nofilter sense of humour that’s won her some famous fans (“Ben Stiller said he liked my feed, but he’s not following me. @benstiller call me”), Lindstam is proof of how funny fashion can be when it stops taking itself so seriously. Shot here in Juicy Couture, she also shows there’s more to the brand than Paris and Nicole’s velour tracksuits. “I love it,” she says. “It’s something that reminds me of the way I imagined America as a clueless tween.” Trust us, these are clothes you won’t want to leave on the changing room floor. 

Juicy Couture has become synonymous with Paris Hilton in the early 00s. Did you watch The Simple Life?

Who didn't watch The Simple Life? It was on right before MTV's dating show Next and after The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. naturally I was glued to the TV for that marathon. Each and every episode is a gem on its own.

Have you ever been criticised because of your Instagram? Do you have to self-censor? 

Yes, which from a professional standpoint I understand. I don't filter but I also rarely post very personal posts. 

What’s the best thing you’ve Instagrammed?

I am very happy with this one photo I once took in Paris of two women, who stopped on the sidewalk to pull out a map, and placed it on top of this elderly woman's head while she was sitting down. Sounds lame, it's not.

Do you think fashion takes itself too seriously?

Yes and no. Some parts of it are just silly and taken more seriously than needed. And on the other hand, there is so much more work going into it than you’d think. I have so much more respect for the industry now than I initially did going into it. 

Who is the funniest person in fashion? 

Fabien Baron is one of the most talented and goofy people I’ve had the pleasure to meet in this industry. 

How was it hanging out with Zoolander and Hansel in Paris? 

It was a dream come true. Unfortunately, it wasn't a real date but if it was, it would have been a 3nder date (Tinder for threesomes).

What did you think of the two of them appearing on the Valentino runway

I have a lot of respect for the Valentino team, and the fact that they have the guts to add humour while showing such a beautiful collection, makes me appreciate them even more. I think it was brilliant.

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All clothes and accessories by Juicy Couture Summer 2015; hair Shingo Shibata at The Wall Group using Recine Luxe Hair Oil by Rodin; make-up Emi Kaneko at D+V Management using Chanel Cosmetics; nails Tatyana Molot at ABTP; set design Whitney Hellesen; model Tilda Lindstam at IMG; photographic assistants Pablo Espinoza, Jeffrey Rose; styling assistants Samia Giobellina, Kat Banas, Adrian Reyna; production Helena Martel Seward; production coordinator Callahan Christie; casting Noah Shelley