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Tavi Gevinson Dazed
Tavi Gevinson in Dazed February 2014Photography Ryan Lowry

Tavi Gevinson takes down the Sartorialist in style

The Rookie founder offers a comprehensive putdown to a man who once criticised her early writing

What do you do if another fashion blogger criticises work you did when you were 14? If you're Tavi Gevinson you hit them back bigger and better. Rookie founder Gevinson recently had a conversation with The Talks, in which the interviewer pressed her on criticism levelled at her several years ago by Scott Schuman (aka street style blogger the Sartorialist).

At the time, Schuman said of Gevinson's teenage writing: "It is like a five-year old Michael Jackson singing about love — to him they are just words." Because you know, why praise someone's youthful energy and desire to make it in a tough creative world when you can just be straight-up patronising? 

Gevinson's response, handed out years later, is pretty downright amazing. "That young people don’t have valid thoughts about the world because they haven’t been alive long enough is sadly a very popular and, frankly, unoriginal sentiment," she said. "When I think about that time, I was just responding to the world around me. And I was perceptive enough that I felt like I could make connections to things in my life. I don’t think it was abstract."

"And I am basically skeptical of any adults who have those kinds of things to say about young people because it seems to always very transparently stem from fear and insecurity. And to be honest, the fact that he’s shorter than me in real life."

At the time of writing we cannot confirm who is taller or shorter, but we do know who won.

(h/t the Cut)