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Hail the New Puritan Michael Clark
Michael Clark – Hail the New Puritan, the film he starred in directed by Charles Atlas, provided an unplanned reference point for Pringle’s new filmvia

How Hail the New Puritan inspired Pringle

Watch the knitwear brand’s new short, choreographed by cult dancer Michael Clark

To celebrate their 200th birthday this year, knitwear brand Pringle have engineered Fully Fashioned, a new exhibition curated by Alistair O’Neill that traces their influence on British style history. With a preview held at the Serpentine back at London Fashion Week in February, the exhibition is now open and running until 16 August in the National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh. Continuing the brand’s record of teaming up with Scottish creatives (past collaborators include Tilda Swinton and David Shrigley) they joined forces with cult choreographer Michael Clark and director Joe Cohen for a series of three films that explore the way knitwear works on the body.

“It’s been a great privilege to work with Michael Clark,” O’Neill said during the film’s debut in London. “When I was asked to curate this exhibition I understood about the importance of knitwear to the modern wardrobe but I really wanted to be able to show that in terms of it moving on a models work in a very precise way and I wanted to kind of unpack that, and then Michael obviously sprung straight to mind of course because he’s a great Scottish creative.” As for the film’s references, they hark back to the dancer’s own history, particularly the 1987 film he starred in, directed by Charles Atlas and also featuring Leigh Bowery. “When we first started speaking [Clark] was saying ‘Well what are they going to wear underneath because we’ve only got tops?’ and I said ‘Oh I don’t know’ and all I could think was of him in Hail the New Puritan!”

Watch an exclusive triptych cut of the films below: