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Lea Colombo

Cast Me Marc is back - it wants you and your friends

The brand is looking for groups of BFFs on Instagram and Twitter

Last year, Marc by Marc Jacobs called for models on Instagram, a move that disrupted the hierarchical infrastructure associated with casting by using social media to look for models, thus evening the playing field. Now, the brand is back on Instagram and this time round it wants you and your friends for AW15.

Last month, Marc Jacobs made comments in an interview with Vogue in which he expressed his personal distaste for social media. "I don't get it, it doesn't appeal to me, neither does a computer, or working on a laptop. I don't want to read a book on a device. I like a book with a hard cover, and text on a piece of paper. I like magazines. I don't care if I carry around 100lbs of magazines, I'd rather do that than look at them on the internet."

While another Instagram-cast campaign might seem like an unexpected move after that, #CastMeMarc is at least a chance for empowerment, giving "normal people" the chance to model rather than the usual selection signed to agencies. It’s proof that no matter what your personal views on social media, it’s a fundamental force that's shaping and, arguably, democratising fashion – which is certainly not something Jacobs can be against. 

If you want to model for Marc by Marc Jacobs with your BFFs, tag an Instagram or Twitter picture of you and your friends looking utterly divine with #CastMeMarc and wait by the phone.

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