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Nicopanda AW15 Ruffles Harajuku Disco Sportswear Colour
Nicopanda AW15Photography Dillon Sachs

Nicopanda AW15

Nicola Formichetti defies the banal by bringing his own kawaii punk characters to NYC

Initial reaction:

For this season, designer Nicola Formichetti said he wanted to “mix and clash different cultures.” This was Kawaii-meets-punk – with a detour via disco.

Disco inferno:

Formichetti continued with last season’s Harajuku sports theme, but this time injected elements of disco and hits of pop colour. Driven more by the “disco mood of happiness” than the 70s silhouette, Formichetti’s second full collection for Nicopanda wasn’t only about having fun – for AW15 he set out to go beyond the light-heartedness of SS15 to create something more “mature and comprehensive.” This took the form of voluminous ruffle-accented coats, floral lace tops and frocks (the same lace that accented men's trousers and shorts), and monochrome looks with oversized zipper details. The designer also debuted accessories – namely bags in vinyl, faux fur and leather. All of this came together for a collection that Formichetti said was based on a desire to create something different from “so many of the banal things out there right now.”

Studio 54 revisited:

For the soundtrack, DJ Llieno put together a mix of classic disco tunes, such as Jackie Moore’s “This Time Baby”.

The soundtrack to Nicopanda AW15: