Miu Miu unveils campaign films with Mia Goth and others

Imogen Poots and Marine Vacth complete the trio of three female actresses

Raise your hand if you've ever played one of those early 2000s click-through Flash web games where you're trapped in a room and have to escape. Impossible, right? Now imagine you're stuck in those rooms, except in Miuccia Prada's clothes. That's basically what's happening in the SS15 campaign films for Miu Miu, featuring emerging actresses Mia Goth, Imogen Poots and Marine Vacth.

Crimson Room probably wasn't on Miuccia's mind when she commissioned Steven Meisel to create the campaign imagery this season, but it's hard to get away from the sensation of claustrophobia and confinement as the three rising stars survey the four walls of their respective rooms and wait listlessly by ever-closed windows. If Miu Miu's show brought to mind 50s bad girls, Goth, Poots and Vacth are playing the incarcerated versions of these John Waters heroines. The brand describe the films as a "way of building cinematic tension". You can check out the accompanying print campaign here.

"Through dynamic editing and the use of classical music, emotions emerge and a narrative is formed that expands through the rooms each character inhabits," a statement reads. "As the viewer peaks from behind walls and doorways, the camera explores the details of the collection while the actresses tell their stories of contemplation and anticipation..."

What are they waiting for? Maybe for you to hit play. In any case, be our guest: