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Les Benjamins AW15 Presentation Textured Nylon Space Print
Les Benjamins AW15 presentationPhotography Yulia Shadrisnky

Les Benjamins AW15

A crew of leather-clad space soldiers tear up Paris, with a little help from Venus X, A$AP Rocky and Skepta

Initial reaction:

Defiantly looking from behind a Darth Vader (amongst other well-known space supervillains) stenciled window, the leather and galaxy-print clad models of Les Benjamins are ready for a fight in the futuristic world.

Space soldiers:

The brand's AW15 collection is entitled “Space Soldiers”, and the conveyed look is exactly that. With Matrix-esque, head-to-toe black leather streetwear ensembles and galaxy-print button-ups accompanied by Ottoman inspired details, the Les Benjamins man is part of an urban space gang – it's creative director Bunyamin Aydin’s take on space defenders from 200 years from now. 

Turkey comes to Paris:

To celebrate the collection, the Istanbul-based brand has been partying for the past couple of days in a timeless continuum, taking over the Parisian nightlife alongside organisation ONO Paris. Their events have been frequented and soundtracked by the likes of Virgil Abloh, Venus X, A$AP Rocky and Skepta, drawing in the crowd from galaxies far, far away.