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Backstage at Katie Eary AW15
Backstage at Katie Eary AW15Photography Philip Trengove

Katie Eary AW15

Party monsters: inspired by the twisted worlds of Jeff Koons and Jenny Saville, Eary creates the ultimate club-kid Frankensteins

Initial reaction:

Art attack. The weird and wonderful world of modern art makes its mark on Katie Eary’s AW15 collection.

Teenage lobotomy:

This season, the body was Eary’s battleground. Styled by Dazed fashion editor Elizabeth Fraser-Bell, sweaters – decorated with Jeff Koons balloon style inner organs, including ribs, intestines and brains – were worn over glam rock worthy metallic turtlenecks. Portrait artist Jenny Saville – known for her viscerally beautiful paintings of the body – inspired Eary’s hand-painted textures, in shades designed to mirror the colour of bumps, scrapes and bruises.

Party monsters:

Like something straight out of 2003’s club kid cult classic Party Monster, models donned brightly coloured brain wigs with glittery, finger-painted style makeup by Dazed contributor Nami Yoshida. To complete the acid house Operation game look, trousers were laced with stitches of string.

The soundtrack for Katie Eary AW15: