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Agi & Sam AW15
Backstage at Agi & Sam AW15Photography Philip Trengove

Agi & Sam AW15

The duo revisit their past – literally – consulting kids from their old primary schools for AW15. The result? Models with faces covered in lego

Initial reaction:

Hitting up the playgrounds and classrooms of their old primary schools to grill pupils about their favourite clothes and what they wished clothing could do made for a collection that harked back to what it is that’s really important: having fun.

Playmates for life:

After a trip home to Yorkshire, Agi’s mum showed him some drawings of “The Coolman Collection” – a range he designed age four that spurred his newfound curiosity to revisit the childhood. A phone call from two past pupils curious about what primary students would do with a catwalk show was likely the last thing their alma mater was expecting. Were they surprised? “Yeah, a little bit!” laughs Agi. “Like ‘Why the hell are you calling?’” Regardless, the kids ripped apart any pretension at the first opportunity, helping the design duo get back to the essentials: primary colours, zip slider bag pockets and exposed Velcro. 

Everything is Awesome:

Face-obscuring Lego masks by make-up artist and Dazed contributor Isamaya Ffrench proffered a whole new dimension and reinforced their play-date aesthetic. “It’s our inner child!” exalted Agi of the collection. “We always want to be consistent with the child perspective. There’s loads of things we’ve still got to get in and speak to the kids about!”

The soundtrack to Agi & Sam AW15: