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Vivienne Westwood with the Christmas asbestos presentTalk Fracking

Dame Viv delivers asbestos Christmas gift to David Cameron

Unfortunately, spoilsport police refused to let the protest present through

Vivienne Westwood isn't messing about on fracking. The designer made a valiant attempt to ruin David Cameron's Christmas by delivering him a present of asbestos this morning, all to drive home the dangers of the controversial drilling technology. 

Westwood and her son, Agent Provocateur founder Joe Corré, showed up at 10 Downing Street with the holiday gift. They were accompanied by a Santa Claus wearing a gas mask. 

Why a box of asbestos? The government's chief scientist, Mark Walport, warned in a report this November that fracking could could carry potential public health risks in the way that asbestos did. This hasn't dented the government's enthusiasm for the drilling shale gas, with Cameron declaring "the UK is going all out for shale".

"David Cameron is happy playing Russian roulette with the lives of the British public," Westwood said. "We’re all guinea pigs in David Cameron’s grand experiment with the lives of the British public."

Westwood's former partner and Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren died of cancer in 2010 after being exposed to asbestos in his Kings Road store, Sex. 

Unfortunately, police did not allow the festive asbestos through, although Westwood was able to deliver a Christmas letter from Talk Fracking, her lobbying group. The card was signed by Thom Yorke, Stella McCartney, Bianca Jagger, Sir Antony Gormley, Yoko Ono and 145 other supporters of the campaign. 

Read the full letter below: 

Dear David,

Your Chief Scientific Advisor has given the clearest signal yet of extreme caution, highlighting how the dash for shale gas could end up being one of those gravely mistaken innovation choices, with disastrous medical and health consequences, like the push for Asbestos and Thalidomide a few decades ago.

Considering the contents of this latest report from Professor Sir Mark Walport, we are sending you this festive gift. We also enclose some recent reports that show clear links between the fracking industry and birth defects, in addition to many other very serious health issues. 

Although you have no democratic mandate to foist fracking onto the British people, or to sweep away our protections under civil law in order to allow drilling companies to drill under our homes, schools and environment without our consent, this is precisely what you are doing.

Please take some time over the festive period to consider the legacy that your decisions as Prime Minister will have on the British people and our green and pleasant land. We don’t want fracking to be the next Asbestos or Thalidomide, and we’re sure you wouldn’t want that on your hands either.

Wishing you a merry Christmas

Watch Vivienne Westwood talk about the dangers of fracking below: