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Dazed Overdose Sat 28th Feb: David St John James

Glitziness at Blumarine and sparkly furs at Gucci - only in Milan.

Morning began with Blumarine. What a wake up! Glitzy bangles and earrings, loud patterns and very hi energy! Grace Jones proving to be a very popular catwalk music choice. Then off to the first appointment of many with D&G, after collecting Katie and Jefferson en route. Katie was loving the Tudor wenches. The Iceberg show, with furry pink monsters and scaley godzillas, was very suitable for the Milan carnival. Speaking of which, spotted many little supermans, princesses and dinasaurs roaming the streets. Many appointments later, which included Giuseppe Zanotti and Cesare Paciotti, we were ready for Gucci. Fur coats sparkled like a midnight sky full of stars! The day ended with Alessandro Dell'Acqua - the hair was very Veronica Lake Hollywood siren with burning, swampy brown lips - sensational!