The Dior woman unhinged

A seductive darkness lurks beneath the Californian sun as a revenge-seeking redhead returns to town – see ‘Terminal 3’, directed by Philip-Lorca diCorcia exclusively here

Among the unmistakable lush modernism of an LA suburb, an ex-lover is back in town. With the incessant march of her heels shattering the calm, she stalks the streets in a glittering '65 Cadillac, wearing the unhinged look of a scorned Stepford Wife. Entitled Terminal 3, Philip-Lorca diCorcia’s film for Dior manages to condense an entire spectrum of human emotion – uncertainty, desire, rage, jealousy, deceit – into less than 90 seconds. With the cast clad in Dior cruise (Homme for the gentleman), the film seems on the surface to be something of a glossy departure from diCorcia's best-known work – like his acclaimed photobook on Hollywood street workers, Hustlers – but it's imbued with the same sense of voyeurism. There's a darkness lurking beneath the glamour – just look at the trio of prescription med bottles on the nightstand next to the J'Adore perfume. Watch it exclusively above.

See the shoot of the film from Dior Mag's winter 2014 issue below: