Beyond the surface: Rick Owens SS15

Amongst other-worldy painted bodies, Lea Colombo documents the build-up of Rick Owens' sensational show in part two of her fashion film series

The primal and the futuristic merged in Rick Owens’ SS15 menswear collection. It was a homage to the moment in Nijinsky’s 1912 ballet ‘Afternoon of a Faun’ where a faun masturbates over his lost nymph’s scarf, a reference that lent the collection a subtle eroticism. Backstage Owens discussed the ballet's climactic point: “Everybody in the audience, with all their jewels, are just waiting for this guy to hump the scarf. I love that!” In the second part of her new fashion film series Lea Colombo and her brother Roberto go behind the scenes, chronicling the usually unseen show environment. Like the scandalous moment that outraged the 1912 audience, there is a knowing sense that a climax is imminent. 

Film music by Pandora's Jukebox. See Rick Owens' visionary SS15 collection below: