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Aitor Throup and Noomi Rapace in the NOWNESS film

Nowness relaunches with Aitor Throup and Noomi Rapace film

London's anatomy-obsessed designer teams up with the Prometheus heroine for a mould-breaking video

If you head over to NOWNESS today, you might notice that the multi-disciplinary film platform has a sparkling new look. Sporting a seriously clean and minimal design that offsets the visual and video brilliance lying within, the site has relaunched with even better content than before – kicking off with an exclusive film from London designer Aitor Throup and Prometheus actor Noomi Rapace, with an original score by Flying Lotus.

Throup's film depicts the casting process that the anatomy-obsessed designer devised for his signature black mesh figures. It's a physical (and sometimes brutal) portrait of transformation, with Rapace cast anew in Throup's vision – not unlike the actual acting process itself. At the end, Noomi-the-sculpture emerges cloaked in a garment from Throup's Mongolia collection.

"My work is very narrative-based," Throup explains. "Everything I do has to have a meaning and justification; I'm interested in creating a new aesthetic, but through reason. We liked the idea of Noomi as an actress putting on one of my outfits – which isn't supposed to be womenswear – but how we could adopt the garment for her that represented how she becomes the character."

"Aitor's world and his clothes, their cut and silhouette – they speak to me and I read so much into it," Rapace says. "Everything he does is very personal for him. This is our thing, him making a portrait of me, so I knew that I needed to strip down emotionally and surrender to it."

Watch a preview of Noomi Rapace by Aitor Throup below. Head over to NOWNESS to watch the full video