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Vivienne Westwood Gold Label SS15, Dazed backstage
Backstage at Vivienne Westwood Gold Label SS15Photography Skylar Williams

Vivienne Westwood SS15

With smudged, doll-like make up and a soundtrack of thunder and lightning, the British provocateur takes us on a punk Edwardian time-warp

Initial reaction:

It all started with a bang – literally, as rolling sounds of thunder and faux flashes of lightning bounced off the opulent, renaissance walls of The Westin Hotel, signalling the start of Vivienne Westwood's latest drama. From draped white lace dresses to embroidered velvet dress-coats, The Grand Dame revived and reimagined classic Victorian and Edwardian silhouettes via punkish slogans, eye-popping hues and clashing brocades (not to mention a few strategically-placed fig leaf prints).

Ghost world:

Said to be inspired by “the children of our world throughout the ages” Westwood’s SS15 offering had a sinister, supernatural feel. In addition to the off-kilter silhouettes, models sported smudged red lipstick, messy ringlets tied with velvet bows or, in the case of Alex Wek, bright-blue eyeshadow that gave the impression of a living doll.

Heads up:

Hats were a standout this season. Created in collaboration with famed London couturier Prudence Millinery, looks were topped off with ruched satin bonnets, bright bucket hats, frilly lace fascinators and oversized upside-down baskets strewn with fabricated flowers and colourful ribbons.