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Louise Alsop

Louise Alsop SS15 at Fashion East

Youth in revolt: twisted dreads, neon Baby-G watches and patches with angsty slogans – Louise Alsop's 90s girls are staging a rebellion

Initial reaction:

From neon Baby-G watches to sleek spaghetti strapped shifts, Louise Alsop's SS15 collection took us on a trip back to the 90s – all set to a soundtrack of classic teen anthems.

90s wild child:

Even the belly chain made a comeback, adorning the waists of waifish models, whilst bondage elements took on a utility purpose in holding garments together, with thick piercing-style rings featuring on belts, necklaces and as handles on bags. Their eyes smudged in liner, models were clad in frayed dresses with iron-on patches sloganned with phrases like ‘Born to Lose’ – completing the collection's teenage rebellion undertones. 

Twisted dreads: 

Bleach blonde models and street-cast girls stomped the runway sporting a wet fake dread look, beloved by the cyber-goth movement of the late 90s.

The soundtrack to Louise Alsop SS15: