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Backstage Helen Lawrence SS15 Fashion East Lea Colombo
Backstage at Helen Lawrence for Fashion East SS15Photography Lea Colombo

Helen Lawrence SS15 at Fashion East

Slick pink latex subverts homespun knitwear as Lawrence clashes the perverse and the natural, accessorising with jewellery made from marrowbone

Initial reaction:

Homespun knitwear and natural, unfinished hems laced with a subversive dose of slick latex cut-outs in nude sickly pink colours and hand-stitched X's placed over the nipples.

Coming undone:

This was a riff on ‘some assembly required’, playing with fashion’s love of seamless pieces and instead deliberately showcasing the mechanics of the raw, unfinished stages of construction. It was as if the individual pattern pieces had been spliced together in new ways across the body, held together by visible seams.

Marrowbone jewellery:

The natural versus the perverted was further explored in tribal-like body jewellery made from marrowbone by master jeweller Slim Barrett.

The soundtrack to Helen Lawrence SS15: