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Ashish SS15 Dazed backstage Philip Trengove
Sigail (Storm) Backstage at Ashish SS15Photography Philip Trengove

Ashish SS15

Clad in clothes bedazzled with images of Kimye and One Direction, Ashish's all black model line up – including vitiligo spokesgirl Winnie Harlow – walk in sequinned sportswear

Initial reaction: 

The trackie bottoms, vest tops and sports track tops you'd wear to slob around at home, rendered in rainbow sequins. Metallic denim fraying with tinsel is the Ashish take on jeans this season. Throw in some snakeskin and some dangerously short mini dresses and you have a collection that takes you from hanging out in the park to bumping and grinding in da club.  


All black, featuring Chantelle Brown-Young (aka Winnie Harlow), a former America's Next Top Model contestant who has the skin pigment condition vitiligo. Singer and rapper Eve in the audience was nodding with approval. People will question the casting as a statement. Should they? Shouldn't we ask ourselves why all-white is deemed "normal" and all-black is somehow a novelty?  

Kimye moment:  

No they didn't sit at the show nor did they walk it. But their faces did pop up on a sequinned sweatshirt paired with jeans similarly emblazoned with the members of One Direction. Miley Cyrus also pops up with her tongue hanging out. Ashish has built up a popular schtick rendering Insta-moments in sequins. Can he do the same with Kimye? Celebrity sells apparently. Or so they say.