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Ryan Lo SS15
May Bell (Elite) at Ryan Lo SS15Photography Philip Trengove

Ryan Lo SS15

A sparkly, sequinned 'Sex and the City' inspired mermaid beach party – set to the sounds of Cyndi Lauper and the Spice Girls

Initial reaction:

The Carrie Diaries. "It's Carrie in Abu Dhabi, Carrie in the city, Carrie at a nightclub," Ryan Lo said about the Carrie Bradshaw-inspired characters at his defiantly girly, teen disco mermaid beach party. “What I love about Sex and the City is that it’s kind of cheesy, tacky and cliché,” he noted.

Girls just wanna have fun:

The soundtrack was made up of Lo's studio playlist (Blondie, the Spice Girls), and as Cyndi Lauper’s "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" came on, it felt like a header not only for the glittery, sugary-coloured collection, but also for much of LFW SS15, where good time-frocks and pretty surface embellishment have been major focal points.

Better down where it’s wetter:

In their seashell-shaped crochet bustiers and wave-hemmed skirts, the girls looked like tropical beach prom princess versions of Ariel and her gang, complete with sequinned octopus dresses and sparkly starfish headpieces.

The soundtrack to Ryan Lo SS15: