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Richard Nicoll SS15 Dazed backstage Lea Colombo
Sam Rollinson (Select) backstage at Richard Nicoll SS15Photography Lea Colombo

Richard Nicoll SS15

Wish upon a star: a dreamy collection of holographic fabrics and ethereal layers – not forgetting Nicoll's collab with Tinkerbell, and a fibre optic glow in the dark finale

TextSusie LauPhotographyLea Colombo

Initial reaction:

Apparently Richard Nicoll had a dream, one where his women would lead a fitness-fuelled lifestyle, peppered with holographic fabrics and metallic sheen, and ethereal layers which come together so that day flies into evening. Empahsis on the word "fly" – Nicoll's partnership with Disney character Tinkerbell meant that there was a faint whiff of fantasy. But when Nicoll emerged with a rucksack on his back, you knew that the clothes were made for reality.

When you wish upon a star:

Sponsors at a show are imperative in covering the costs, and it might have been somewhat of a surprise to see the utilitarian Richard Nicoll partner up with Disney's Tinkerbell. The cheeky fairy only popped up sparingly though, as mirrored cut-outs hanging off holographic shoulder bags and in the opening piece de resistance – a fibre optic slip dress conceived with Studio XO, which glowed in the darkened room with blue fronds. It didn't look like a novelty item and Nicoll didn't overdo the sponsor message either. Brand synergy success.

Drawn out:

Another quieter collaboration was a personal one. Central Saint Martins tutor and illustrator Howard Tangye featured a prominent portrait of Nicoll in his crowdfunded book Within released last year. Nicoll in turn asked Tangye to draw faint figures on his leather pieces. The brushstrokes were subtle but you could definitely tell it was the hand of Tangye.