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Jeremy Scott SS15, Dazed backstage
Miley Cyrus backstage at Jeremy Scott SS15Photography Rebekah Campbell

Jeremy Scott SS15

Don't take drugs, give them to me! Miley Cyrus makes her design debut at Scott's psychedelic and trippy SS15 show

Initial impression:
The vibe was "Miley gives an impromptu concert at Burning Man." The pop star sat front row in clothing and a head piece she made out of colorful, shiny (perhaps creepy) tokens from fans, just one of the sculptural pieces from the show, and during the finale Scott plucked her up to walk the runway with him. They are the prom king and queen of New York fashion week, Miley a new accessories designer.

Accessories b trippy:
Necklaces were covered in fuzzy and plastic baubles that looked like decades of accumulated tchotchkes hanging from the rear view mirror of a hippy van. Miley made hats covered in little ice cream cones and rainbow spheres that were especially fun: if you want one, all you have to do is take mushrooms and stare in the mirror and the accessory will appear. Or, you can go to her gallery show tonight to see bigger versions. Strings of beads decorated the models' hair, spiral necklaces bounced as they walked, and one look was accessorized with a quilted blanket. A strawberry shortcake style bonnet hat and crazy sunglasses with teeth completed the parade. If only this were Colorado, Scott could have scented the air with marijuana.

Best sweater ever:
Front: Don't take drugs.
Back: Give them to me.