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Backstage Diesel Black Gold SS15
Backstage at Diesel Black Gold SS15Photography by Paolo Musa

Diesel Black Gold SS15

Texas biker girls studded with stars revive the micro vest from the forgotten depths of noughties music videos

Initial impression:

A pop-up club under the stars in the middle of the Texas desert, where all guests arrive by motorcycle. Motifs of tiny shiny pinpoint studs and clusters of stars shone in the runway lights, backlit by a wall of flashing bulbs, lighting the way for the party-goers.

2000s redux:

This collection's most prominent statement piece was the micro-vest, a tiny button up piece of sleeveless suiting returned from the sexiest music videos of the early noughties.


Typically an all black-and-white collection (at Diesel, metal is also a colour), we were delighted by looks in hot red. And there was another unexpected twist: anticipating stilettos or motorcycle boots, the collection instead greeted us with modest low sling back kitten heels. Meow.