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Devon Halfnight Leflufy SS15 Presentation
Daytona (Street Casting) at Devon Halfnight Leflufy SS15 PresentationPhotography Paolo Musa

Devon Halfnight Leflufy SS15

The Royal Academy of Antwerp graduate makes his New York debut, presenting 70s wallpaper patterns, digital prints and normcore styling in a kitsch-meets-modern mash-up

Initial reaction:

Orange County – 70s wallpaper patterns take us back, amidst a hyper-saturated green backdrop of Astroturf and kitschy potted plants. Period-typical florals for men are replaced by their juicier superior: oranges, fresh off the vine.

Tech savvy:

Vibrant patterns on polo necks and dress shirts utilised modern digital-based printing for a then-and-now mash-up, while a zip-up tracksuit and shiny elastic-cuff pants were ready for the Grand Prix. Styled unapologetically with white athletic socks and tennis shoes (because normcore wasn't invented yesterday), Devon Halfnight Leflufy presented a glossy-surfaced future for the lover of retro. 

Hangin' out:

In past collections, his outlandish, pack-a-hundred-punches designs might not have been the most accessible. But for this season's presentation – with the gold letters on the back wall reading "All of my friends" – maybe Leflufy has taken a friendly turn.

Last season Leflufy explored Tumblr ADHD; warped consumer logos; and distorted contemporary culture. See it here: