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Devon Halfnight LeFlufy AW14Photography Alex Salinas

When Tumblr ADHD warps fashion

Meet Devon Halfnight LeFlufy: the Antwerp outsider exploiting an online world for corrupted prints

Why Devon Halfnight LeFlufy titled his AW14 collection ‘Coconut Water’ is anyone’s guess. A satirical commentary perhaps on contemporary culture, where we readily consume the new to stay abreast – even if we secretly loathe it. LeFlufy’s collection of rubber coats and faux fur jackets is dense with references to a generation warped by brands, logos and unattributed photography. Tumblr ADHD, which sees images circle the world through teenager’s bedrooms without ever reuniting with context or creator, is confronted in LeFlufy’s mash of colour and layered illustrations. The Pepsi logo becomes a questionable Japanese Yen; ritualistic garlands appropriated as fun accessories.

Coconut Water AW14 is LeFlufy’s second collection since graduating from the Royal Academy of Antwerp last spring. Last year we named LeFlufy, a former intern of Walter Van Beirendonck, one of our top ten Antwerp visionaries, joining a genre-defining list from Raf Simons to Maison Martin Margiela who continue to disturb the fashion status quo. 

Devon Halfnight LeFlufy's shares his favourite "hyper-awesome" Tumblr finds: 

"Culture is now formed more and more on the Internet rather then in institutions such as museums, schools or even specific locations like cities or countries. In the words of Childish Gambino, we are “because the Internet.” Dazed asked me to share a few gems that really say something to me and I hope you enjoy them ¥’A££. Believe."


"Most of you will know “the jogging”, but this quintessential piece of the new aesthetic cannot go unmentioned. Some of it is pure genius."


"This one stopped a while back but it is still so fresh."


"And for your viewing pleasure he is a Jordan Wolfson Video. You’re a very playful lover."